Putting Down The Bat

Posted on May 10, 2016

Dear Light Warriors,

It has been such a busy time here in the A*Light Picture offices. We’ve been co-creating luminous content with new clients Kashi, Wanderlust Hollywood, the culinary brilliant Seamus Mullen, the luscious Alex Dawson and more. It’s always  a privilege to work with like minded, light conscious warriors. Here’s a link to a beautiful little co-creation with Wanderlust entitled ‘Flower Crown’ (doesn’t that title just make you want to wear one right now?)


As always I strive to spread light in our day-to-day lives and this letter is my love and light note to you.  Enjoy and have the best day!


I had this feeling yesterday in the car, it hit me so strongly, it was a voice that came through that felt like my loving Higher Self. I know it is my Higher Self because the voice is loving kind, poetic.  She doesn’t hammer me with to do lists or shoulds. She said to me, I long for you. And I took that as: I long to experience living in my own being, living in a state of soul and self love. On the other side of the coin, we are all having this radical human experience and at moments throughout the day- we can all fall into a trance.The trance is one of unworthiness. The voices whisper You’re not good enough. It’s not enough. Whatever you do it’s not going to work out.Those thoughts that can creep into our psyche and cause us a lot of discomfort and heartache. This literally is a trance that the ego mind puts us under. I don’t know about you but even in my day-to-day reality I experience that bully several times throughout the day and I have to wake myself up out of it and say, Alright, Where are my feet? What’s actually happening? What’s around me? I start connecting myself to the environment in front of me and the most important thing I have to do-is put the bat down.  My hope for all of is, is that we wake up to the love and the light that is inside of us and we unapologetically and passionately let it shine.

I’d like to invite you this week to recognize the moments when you are in the trance of unworthiness, when you’ve got the bat and are beating yourself up. Use these moments as fuel to love yourself- to dive deep into your own being and connect. The mantra I use is: I’ve got you girl. I’ve got your back. You are exactly where you need to be and you’re doing a great job. Drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter -and share about your experience with the trance of unworthiness and about finding compassion for yourself in those tough spots. Connection is Key and we are all in this together!

Let’s take this journey together into walking through the fire and coming home to ourselves!  Have a beautiful week-end light warriors.

L I G H T  I T  U P ! 






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