The Power Of Acceptance

Posted on May 31, 2016

Hi Light Warriors,

Today I want to share with you a personal story about the power of acceptance in my life, and the resistance I’ve felt to it. Often times spiritual lessons come in the disguise of discomfort or pain.

A couple of weeks ago I was having pretty bad heartburn, I was really not happy that I was having it, I didn’t want to have it, and I didn’t think I should have it. You know- all of those reactions; all the ‘should’s, the expectations, “the way things should be”

So I call a good friend of mine, she’s a wise woman, a sage, in my life. And she said to me, ‘Honey, just accept that you have stress. Just accept that you are stressed.’ And I reply, ‘I’m not stressed. I’ve got it together. I’m not stressed I’m fine.’ And she replies, ‘Maybe just admit that you are.’ And in that moment that I really admitted to myself that I had stress in my life and then, I kid you not, the heartburn dissipated and it went away.

Something I’m coming to see in my life, is that being spiritual isn’t about trying to be somewhere else, it’s not about trying to be happy when I’m not happy or about ignoring feelings and covering them up with a smile.

Being a conscious human being means I’m going to accept where I am right now. And when I genuinely accept where I am and how I feel, what tends to happens is; the resistance and the pain to feeling the feelings melts away. What is left is the original feeling and the honest and acceptance of being where I am. In this state- grace comes in and can meet us where we are at.

Often times, if we can allow ourselves the grace to be exactly where we are, we stop fighting, we stop ploughing through the feeling, we stop jumping over the feeling, we are just in it. We are aware awake and alive. In this moment, acceptance unfurls her arms and we come home.

A good friend of mine has battled sciatica for a long time. Once an active guy, he stopped exercising altogether and became frustrated and discouraged. One day he had this realization to be in acceptance of exactly where he was. He woke up one morning and thought, You know what, if I’m gonna have sciatica, I’m okay with having sciatica. Divine please be with me, and help me to be the best possible person I can be with sciatica. He told me that the next day, the very next day, the sciatica disappeared and he hasn’t had it since.

I’m not saying accept things so they will disappear. What I am saying is accept where you are because when you do, you’re not fighting where you are. And when you stop fighting where you are, you can be with yourself.

We will find a lot of peace and solace in not trying to change anything or fix anything. Because, the truth is nothing really needs to be fixed. We simply need to come to see that we can love what is.

Thank you for joining me today. Write to me and let me know where you have experienced acceptance in your life and how it’s changed you.

Have the Best Day!

Alice Sig 2

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