A*Light teamed up with Wanderlust to help create content from some of the today’s leading yogic influencers: Adriene Mishler, Chad Dennis, Briohny Smyth, Marybeth Larue THE NEW ADIDAS ALL DAY APP Apps rule our lives these days, from allowing us to get a ride on demand, order dinner, and even send out dry cleaning. And for the wellness-minded, apps can transform our workouts, diet, sleep hygiene, and more. There’s an app out there to track every bite you eat, every step you take, and every hour of z’s you log at night. But there aren’t many apps that take a holistic approach to wellness, allowing you to monitor your progress but also discover new, fun ways to exercise, cook, regenerate – and improve your mindset so you can actually focus on all of the above. well look no further, that gap has now been filled as the new adidas All Day app MOVEMENT, NUTRITION, MINDSET AND REST- Rather than ruling your life, though, the adidas All Day app empowers you to live your best life by inspiring balance amongst what fitness experts call the four key drivers of athletic performance: movement, nutrition, mindset, and rest.